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EMyth Approach

5 min read

3 groundbreaking ideas from The E-Myth Revisited

When Michael E. Gerber released his best-selling book, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It in 1995, he described, in a deeply-relatable way, what makes it so difficult for business owners everywhere to build a business that really works. Through the story of Sarah, a ...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner

unproductive leadership behaviors

Identify and overcome your unproductive leadership behaviors

Your business is a reflection of you. In every way, shape and form—from top to bottom—your business reflects your courage and fears. It reflects what you care about: your ideals, values, beliefs, experiences, knowledge and decision-making. This powerful EMyth Principle appears in the beginning pages of The EMyth R...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner

small business tax planning

Small Business Finance

2 min read

3 best practices for a sustainable tax strategy

Between your end-of-year business obligations and your holiday family schedules, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to think about during the merriment and bustle of the season is the tax man. Alas, as December 31 approaches, so too does your window for last minute tax breaks.

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

Business Systems

3 min read

2 strategies for scaling when you don’t know where to start

Not knowing how to scale is one of the most common frustrations we hear from our business owner clients. It makes sense. If your business has grown to a point where you’re producing reasonably consistent results in terms of revenue and lead generation, the next natural question is: Now, how do I increase revenues ...

Jayne Speich - EMyth

Jayne Speich


Get control of your time as a busy entrepreneur

If there’s one thing all business owners can agree on, it’s how precious time is as a commodity— there’s never enough of it, for one. The average work day is unstructured, full of distractions and fires, and it often ends with “one more thing” that keeps you in the office long after you planned to leave. And in th...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner

leadership perspectives

9 coach tips for getting new perspective on your business

When you have a small business, it’s easy to get stuck in the chronic issues you face, to feel alone in your frustration and unable to see the problems in a different way—and often for what they really are. The truth is, finding solutions and innovating often takes escaping your own limited point of view. You need...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team