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Managing Employees

Discover the true source of your people problems—and solve them.

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Managing Employees

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How employee benefits help your business

As you grow your business, it’s hard enough to know when it’s the right time to bring on that next employee or how to compensate them. When you add benefits to the equation, these employment questions are among the most complicated issues business owners have to address. Benefits can be expensive. It’s easy to fee...

Ilene Frahm - EMyth

Ilene Frahm

how to make organizational chart, best org chart for small businesses, org chart

6 steps to creating the perfect organization chart

The pandemic has shown us one indisputable truth: There’s always a different way of doing things. Whether in life or in business, we’ve all made adjustments to our standard mode of functioning. And it hasn’t been easy—it’s never easy to make dramatic changes. But now, as the world is slowly shifting back to in-per...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner

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Work ON it: Learn to be a great manager

If there’s one thing most business owners struggle with (okay, aside from creating a budget), it’s the transition from managing no one to managing everyone. Most clients who come to us simply don’t want to deal with management responsibilities—period. They hope (and act on the belief) that if they hire good people...

Kirstin Fulton - EMyth

Kirstin Fulton

boss onboarding new employees, employee onboarding process photo

How to create a stellar onboarding process—even remotely

Twenty years (and several roles) ago, I was working in Human Resources at a manufacturing company in Berkeley, California. We had 125 employees at the time—all onsite—and it was my responsibility to develop and oversee the onboarding process. It was very much what you might picture for a medium-sized company: We’d...

Kathleen Harper - EMyth

Kathleen Harper


How to avoid crisis burnout

As a business owner, you’ve likely never experienced a year like 2020. The challenges have been complex and unfamiliar. And to keep business running, you’ve needed to confront each one head on. So has your team. While you’ve been focused on how to pivot, generate revenue, manage a remote team, and balance work and...

Remy Gervais - EMyth

Remy Gervais