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Managing Employees

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how to improve employee engagement, team engagement, how to increase team engagement

Managing Employees

4 min read

Boost team engagement and performance with one simple tool

How do you create a company that produces consistent and desirable results? It’s a question every business owner asks, and the answer is simple: Create systems that support the outcomes you want to achieve—from the customer experience and team culture you want to promote, to the product you deliver and your annual...

Kirstin Fulton - EMyth

Kirstin Fulton

employee accountability

Managing Employees

4 min read

5 steps to an employee accountability plan that really works

As an entrepreneur, nothing can be more frustrating than inconsistent results. You can have high revenue one month, directly followed by low revenue the next without clear indicators for why. If every peak you hit is followed by a dramatic drop, the resources you spend climbing to the next peak cancel out the wins...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

How to effectively manage your employees

The E-Myth Revisited proposes that owners of businesses that are not working should start again. This time they need to translate their vision into a management system, and to control their unpredictable employees through this system. I agree completely with this philosophy. My question is concerned with the pract...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

build a business management system for small business

How to build an effective business management system

If you’re a dedicated business owner, you’re working tirelessly, day in and day out, to make your business run and produce consistent, predictable results. You might often say to yourself, “Why can’t I rely on my people to make sure everything works? Why am I the one constantly holding everything together?” The an...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner


Build the perfect org chart for your business

Designing an org chart is the first step to intentionally developing the systems your business needs to run as it should consistently—and without people dependency. Here’s our Guide to Creating Your Org Chart, so you can understand how an org chart works and start creating a company structure around positions and ...

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