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document your systems

How an operations manual can save your business

In your business, system errors can show up in the form of work stoppages, poor customer service, excessive product returns, late deliveries, high levels of frustration among employees, poor financial results and any other number of unwanted outcomes. Depending on the size and health of your business, any one of t...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

how to systemize your business

How ordinary people can create extraordinary results

Some days, you may feel completely consumed by your business, like the only thing you can count on is a frustrating lack of control as you race around putting out fires. This experience is so common to business owners, it’s almost generally accepted as “just what it’s like to own a business.” 

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

Delegation versus abdication

When you started your business, you probably did every task needed to produce and deliver your product or service, or near to it. And as your business has grown, do you still carry much of the day to day—if not the actual execution, the oversight of the work? Do you find yourself unable to let go of work you shoul...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team


Get control of your time as a busy entrepreneur

If there’s one thing all business owners can agree on, it’s how precious time is as a commodity— there’s never enough of it, for one. The average work day is unstructured, full of distractions and fires, and it often ends with “one more thing” that keeps you in the office long after you planned to leave. And in th...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner

how to delegate to employees

How to effectively delegate work to your team

Creating the environment you need to be a better business owner—to do the work that matters most to your business—takes structure. You have to structure your communication system, workspace and calendar in a way that lets you escape the tactical work that gets in the way of being a true Entrepreneur. And once you’...

Kirstin Fulton - EMyth

Kirstin Fulton

how to document a system, system documentation,

5 steps for documenting systems

Without documentation, “great systems” are only rough ideas about the way you do things in your business. And all your tasks, functions, processes and procedures—the way that you and your staff habitually do everything—are nothing more than good intentions.

Adam Traub - EMyth

Adam Traub

how to build customer engagement and retention

3 ways to build stronger customer engagement and retention

You became a business owner to earn a living. To do what you know how to do best, your way. To take care of your family (and maybe enjoy a nice vacation now and then). But it’s easy to get laser-focused on crunching numbers and forget that it’s people that make or break a business. And if you want stronger sales a...

Jayne Speich - EMyth

Jayne Speich

Our top blogs of 2022

Let’s be honest. It’s been another challenging year for the owners and operators of small businesses. You’ve had to find a new normal as Covid restrictions eased. The prices of goods and services you depend on to operate have shot up, often cutting into already thin margins. Your employees are looking to you for r...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team