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Every company is a reflection of its leader. What does yours say about you?

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3 min read

What 2020 taught me about leadership

One of the most transformative ideas I help business owners understand is the distinction between working on your business and working in it. But what does that really mean? Put simply, it’s the difference between strategic and tactical work.

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner


How to create a stellar onboarding process—even remotely

Twenty years (and several roles) ago, I was working in Human Resources at a manufacturing company in Berkeley, California. We had 125 employees at the time—all onsite—and it was my responsibility to develop and oversee the onboarding process. It was very much what you might picture for a medium-sized company: We’d...

Kathleen Harper - EMyth

Kathleen Harper


Your 3-step plan for growing your business in the new year

2020 has been a colorful one for business owners. For some, it's been a challenge to keep business going, only managing through pivots and some hard choices. For others, business has been able to stay the course or even boom. Whatever side of the coin you're on, you're likely skeptical that you can actually create...

Adam Traub - EMyth

Adam Traub


What is business coaching?

Business coaching has become a common and important practice for CEOs and business owners who want to advance themselves and their companies. Still, many business leaders don’t truly understand what coaching actually is. In short, business coaching is a collaborative relationship between a business owner or CEO an...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner



2 min read

Why is it so hard to step away from your business?

If you run your own business, you know your role is just as personal as it is professional. You care deeply about the outcomes of your business—the impact it has and the results it creates—so the natural impulse is to put yourself at the center of the action. You work around the clock to ensure that your team is w...

Tricia Huebner - EMyth

Tricia Huebner