"Work on it, not in it."

  • Michael E. Gerber, EMyth Founder and Author of The E-Myth Revisited

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We combine time-tested systems with the accountability and guidance of a 1:1 mentor to support not only the growth of your business, but also the growth of its leader—you.

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OtterBox wouldn't be here today without EMyth.

Curt Richardson, OtterBoxCurt Richardson, OtterBox
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Build a business that runs smoothly, with or without you

beyond the e myth, e-myth, the e myth

Create consistent financial results

Books include beyond the e myth, e-myth, the e myth

Build the right team working the right way

Books include beyond the e myth, e-myth, the e myth
Finding Customers

Find and delight the right customers

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We’ve helped millions of owners create a business that works.

In over 40 years of coaching business owners, we’ve developed a process to solve every business challenge you’re facing. From people to finance and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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“I remember early days when I was living the dream. But finally getting to the point where it's just like, I can't do this anymore.”

Curt Richardson · OtterBox · Fort Collins, CO

OtterBox was Curt’s path to doing the creative work he loved. But as the business grew, his job went from innovating to fighting fires. Creating a vision and a team to implement it restored his dream.

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“EMyth is special because it brings all the pieces together you need. I was able to step away from the day-to-day—and it’s been fantastic.”

Don Kick · Impact Shirts · Los Angeles, CA

When dedication to his mission prevented Don from stepping away from his business, he found himself overworked and missing valuable time with his family. Building a team he could trust gave him back his life.

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“I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be here without EMyth. [It’s] an all-encompassing system that takes care of all parts of your business.”

Kolby Moser · Aria Studios · Honolulu, HI

Aria Studios grew from Kolby’s dream to do work she loved, but it ended up stealing precious time from her family. Learning to lead and manage allowed her to dedicate herself to her kids and run a successful business.

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“Business went from $3 million to $17 million. My business is successful. My people are successful. That came as a result of EMyth.”

Don Weaver · SameDay Heating & Air · Salt Lake City, UT

Starting SameDay was Don’s chance to take his industry expertise and be his own boss. But for years, he struggled to stay afloat. Systematizing his business from top to bottom finally brought the stability he wanted.

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The E-Myth Revisited. Millions of copies sold.

We wrote the book on how to build a business that gives its owner more freedom and produces consistent, predictable results—and shaped the world of business coaching and entrepreneurship in the process.

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My business is successful. My people are successful. That came as a result of EMyth.

Don Weaver, SameDay Heating & Air

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