Why EMyth?

A complete system for building a business that works.

We’ve spent over 40 years helping small businesses like yours. Our proven process for developing systems in your business brings together a comprehensive curriculum and the personalized guidance of a certified business coach to help you build a business you love leading and a life you love living.

Behind the EMyth

What is The EMyth?

People believe businesses are started by Entrepreneurs. The truth is, most businesses are started by Technicians who think that, because they know how to do the technical work of a business, they’ll be able to build a successful business that does that work. This myth—the EMyth—is why so many businesses get stuck or eventually fail.

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Behind every successful business owner is a great coach.

The process to build the systems your business needs, plus a results-driven mentor supporting you through each phase of your company’s growth.

Our Approach

We’ve helped millions of owners create a business that works—and continuously improved our process for developing your business along the way.

1. Work On It, Not Just In It

To create a business that doesn’t depend on you and has maximum value in the marketplace, you have to commit to working on it each and every day. Seeing your business as the product you deliver to customers is the hallmark of entrepreneurial thinking.

2. Take Back Your Life

Most people start their own business to create a better life—to have more time, money and freedom. Unfortunately, most owners find themselves with the exact opposite. The first step toward achieving entrepreneurial freedom is remembering why you started your business and recognizing that its purpose is to serve your life.

3. Create Your Picture of a Business That Works

A business that works serves your life as well as delights your customers and engages your team. Creating a crystal-clear vision that describes how your business will look, act, feel and perform is essential: It’s your entrepreneurial blueprint.

4. Become the Leader Your Business Demands

Your business is a reflection of you. Everything you think, feel, do and say shows up in your business in one way or another. So if you don’t change, grow and expand, your business won’t either. That’s why it’s essential that you develop your skills as an entrepreneurial leader.

5. Systematize Your Business

On time, every time, exactly as promised is what systemization is about. By systematizing your business, you’ll both free your business from being dependent on any one person—which makes it exceedingly more valuable to a future buyer—and also ensure that your customer’s experience is consistently exceptional as you grow and expand.

6. Develop a High-Performing Team

Allowing other people to run your business is crucial if you want it to grow beyond you. By developing a systems strategy and a people strategy, you can create a team of engaged and dedicated people committed to achieving your vision—so you can grow your business and free yourself from it.

7. Continuously Improve Your Systems

Innovation isn’t just “nice to have”—it’s essential to your business’ continued growth and long-term survival. Once you have solid operational systems in place, create a culture that embraces change and a team that’s always looking for a better way to delight your customers.

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Our world-class coaches are dedicated to your success.

EMyth pioneered the business coaching industry over 40 years ago, and we know what it takes to help owners build a successful business. Each of our coaches goes through extensive training in Our Approach, curriculum, systems and processes and is certified to coach owners across industries, guiding them toward real, lasting results.

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You’ve got to have a friend, somebody standing there with you, and that’s what a good coach is.

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The EMyth Roadmap: A clear path to a business that works.

The heart of our Coaching Program—the EMyth Roadmap—is a step-by-step series of processes that cover every part of your business. Each process is designed to solve a distinct problem or create a specific system to help you and your business grow, enabling you to make real change in your business and be confident in the results.

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Our Program

It was the best investment I’ve ever made.

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