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Client story: from dental technician to real entrepreneur

After more than four decades running a successful business, Ronald Powell decided it was time to make a change. Though he was a talented Technician who enjoyed his work, Ronald wanted to approach his business like a true Entrepreneur. Working with his EMyth Coach helped him discover his vision for his business and...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

Are you social?

What happened over the last ten years? For me, it went from door-to-door salespeople and a mailbox full of advertisements to electronic overload. My gosh, my inbox fills up fast. My Facebook feed runs faster than I can run my fastest mile. My phone battery now dies quicker than ever before, and at times, I want to...

Rachel Clark - EMyth

Rachel Clark

Your brand commitment: it's more about you than your customers

This is part two in a series. Click here for Part 1. In my last post we talked about marketing and how it starts with you and your Brand Commitment. I left you with two questions to ponder: What do you want your customers to say about your business? And, how do you want your customers to feel in every interaction ...

Matt Wilhelmsen - EMyth

Matt Wilhelmsen

Marketing: it's more about you than your customers

“We need more sales.” At some point during the life of your business you've probably uttered these words. For most business owners these words have become a part of their regular vocabulary. Without sales, there's no business. The employees need to get paid, the lights need to stay on and most companies are lookin...

Matt Wilhelmsen - EMyth

Matt Wilhelmsen