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6 resources to help you hire your dream team

Hiring Employees

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Does it feel impossible to find and hire your people? Are the candidates you interview impressing you—or disappointing you? A strong team can take your small business from good to great. But you have to get the right people through the door first—and then have a well-designed interview process to give you the confidence that you have the right fit.

Don’t leave the quality of your team up to chance. Check out our six favorite tools and articles for hiring your dream team.

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Quiz: How effective is your hiring process?

Do you know how to find (and hire) the best team? You’ll see better, more consistent results with a systematized hiring process. So how does yours stack up? Take our free hiring quiz to see if your hiring process is helping—or hurting—your company.

Attract the best talent with recruitment marketing

How do you even find the right people out there to get into your interview process? The answer is recruitment marketing. Here’s the good news: If you know how to market your products and services, you’ve already got the foundation for your recruitment marketing strategy. Discover the four questions you should ask before advertising any role.

Guide: Create the perfect job post in five steps

To attract the perfect candidate, you need the perfect job post. Our free guide provides a clear template and the steps you can take to determine who and what you need—and how to use that to craft the perfect posting.

Guide: Design a great interview process

Job candidates spend time preparing for interviews—and as an interviewer, you should too. Download our free Interview Checklist for a list of sample questions and a guide to leading structured, focused interviews that will help you evaluate your candidates’ strengths and weaknesses—so you don’t have to wait until after you’ve hired them to find out.

Make the most of your interviews with these six do's and don'ts

Recruiting takes time, energy and resources that you’d rather allocate to other places in your business—and you may be tempted to cut corners. But those costs are nothing compared to the price you pay when the person you settled on winds up being a bad fit. Follow these six hiring do’s and don’ts to make sure you get the best candidate through the door—the first time.

Train (and retain) with the perfect onboarding program

Your onboarding process sets the tone for an employee’s experience with your company. Learn how to create a system that will ensure they’re both successful and happy in their new role.

If you’re ready to build your dream team and design the systems they need to succeed, we're here to help.  

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