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Managing Employees

Discover the true source of your people problems—and solve them.

Four must-have traits in a CFO

Numbers—drilling down into a complex spreadsheet of financial data—can be unsettling. Even to those who are accustomed to reviewing their own financials and metrics on a regular basis, it’s entirely possible to feel degrees of panic when faced with looking at the numbers. Why? Because there’s no hiding from the tr...

Martin Kamenski - EMyth

Martin Kamenski

A proactive approach to creating your hiring system

So you’ve found yourself doing a better job of hiring and retaining the right employees. The last key point in my blog post, “Hiring and Keeping Rockstar Employees,” referenced documenting the system. You’ve spent a lot of time understanding and strategizing, and it would be a shame if you didn’t take it a step fu...

John Guanci - EMyth

John Guanci

Go from overwhelm to overjoyed

Why you're frustrated and what to do about it Employee turnover. Customer complaints. Unplanned expenses. Competition everywhere you look. Pain in the neck vendors. An endless string of new technologies you’re supposed to learn how to use. Social #%?@! media. It’s enough to make you want to go get a job. This isn’...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

How can you keep it real with a virtual team?

There’s no substitute for being in the same place as your employees. And that’s a good thing. Part of the joy of going to work is that you get to spend your day with people you respect, and we hope, enjoy being around. And while there are some good reasons to have people on your team who work remotely, you have to...

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

Want to know what motivates your staff? Just ask them.

It's probably easier to see now, but you didn't start your business just to make money. You did it to feel something - independence, a kind of freedom and control over your life, to be able to do it your way. And you "re-earn" that freedom with every headache and heartache that comes with being a business owner. B...

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

Don't forget, you're the coach for your team

As a business owner, do you also think of yourself as a coach? Embracing this part of your role - to help your people grow while your company does - is more important than ever before. Because even if they don't always say so, everyone on your team wants the same thing: to feel that their work mattered today, to y...

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

Is your management style killing productivity?

It takes a while for obsolete ideas to die off. There's one that I'm surprised to see is still very much in circulation. It's a management philosophy that's responsible for most of the dysfunction that exists in the business world. It goes like this:

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

How not to care

A See-Through Strategy The business world is very confused about something incredibly simple. Caring. Have you noticed how much “caring” everybody is doing these days?

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond