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How to create a vision you'll really use

As a business owner, you’re the leader. You need to decide what your business will do, how it must do it, and where it will go next. But what happens when you lose sight of your goal? Creating a vision for your business reminds you of the destination.When you try to move forward without it, you’re left jumping bli...

Matt Carle - EMyth

Matt Carle

Your business is a vehicle: Where is it taking you?

At EMyth, we take the approach that owning a business is a vehicle to give you more life. It’s a place to grow and to discover who you are and the way you want to express yourself in the world. It’s a place for creativity and innovation that can bring you closer to your own strengths, your own purpose, your own he...

Judith Lerner - EMyth

Judith Lerner