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How to make your website your secret weapon

Can your website be your secret weapon? The silver bullet that makes all the difference?

According to Cameron Madill, an EMyth Coaching client and owner of Oregon-based PixelSpoke—it can. We were so impressed with his knowledge about "all things web" that we invited him to be the first guest in our new podcast series.

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Our business owner clients are experts in nearly every industry you can think of. From plumbing to jewelry design, from attorneys to industrial manufacturers, we're constantly inspired by the people we work with. It's not only their entrepreneurship we admire, but their technical expertise, as well. And that's why we've decided to invite some of our clients, like Cameron, to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

In this podcast, Cameron provides insight into the marketing fundamentals behind a powerful website and suggests low-cost changes that can have a big impact on your site's overall performance. Listen as he shares:

  • The five fundamentals of a well performing website
  • The three basic tools to improve website performance
  • The four most common website mistakes
EMyth Team

Written by EMyth Team

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