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Build a high-performance team using these four free resources

Hiring Employees

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“How do I get my employees to do things the right way?”

This is one of the most common questions we get from business owners. And the simplest answer is this: You need to show them what the right way—your way—is. With strong management, you design the systems your business needs to build a high-performance team, one that’s trained and equipped for success.

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How do you build and maintain a high-performance team?

When building high perfomance teams, it's important to make sure that your organization's systems provide:

  1. A clear shared vision
  2. Defined roles and responsibilities
  3. Opportunities for continued learning
  4. Clear communication, and
  5. Trust and respect.

These five elements work together to give your teams a roadmap for how their work contributes to the bigger picture of your organization’s overall vision. They also help to cultivate an environment of respect, appreciation, and growth that allows your people the space they need to feel comfortable investing their highest effort and quality of work into their jobs and your organization. 

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up our top four free management resources. With these, you can start designing the management strategy needed for more productive and invested employees.

#4 Quiz: Do your employees know how to get the results you want?

Do your employees have the clarity and direction they need to do their jobs well? Without a management system that offers your employees that clear structure, building a high-performing team is hard to do. See how your management skills stack up and what steps you can take to make them better with our quiz.

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#3 Guide: The Employee Development Meeting

What’s the secret to strong employee performance? Regular one-on-ones. Our free guide will walk you through the logistics and benefits of productive one-on-ones so each employee has a dedicated space to think critically about their work, performance and how they fit into the big picture.

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#2 Ebook: 5 Steps to Improve Team Performance

Ask any business owner their top business frustration and they’ll likely say it’s their people. The truth is, all people problems are a direct reflection of the business owner’s leadership and management. Our ebook shares key management strategies for how to get your team to do things your way—and how to give them what they need to do it.

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#1 Guide: Creating Your Organization Chart

Designing an org chart is the first step towards structuring your business to rely on systems, not people. Our guide to Creating Your Organization Chart will help you map out all your business functions so you can place your employees where they truly belong—based on specific business activities, not individual talent. 

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If you’re struggling with developing a management strategy in your business and want the help of an EMyth Coach, reach out to us.

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