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Our top four free tools to assess and build business systems that work

Business Systems

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“How do I build a business that doesn’t depend so much on me?”

That’s one of the most common questions we hear from business owners. And the simplest answer is: You need to create systems to replace you in the business. But this isn’t so simple to do. How do you assess your current business systems? Or identify which systems and processes you need to develop, and when? Or know whether they’re performing optimally?

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To help get you started, we’ve rounded up our four favorite free systems tools that help answer those questions. With these in hand, you can see how your business functions more clearly, and start creating well-designed systems that allow you to someday step away from the day to day of your business with confidence.

#4 Six Steps to Transform Frustrations Into Solutions guide

systems development guide

What’s your biggest frustration with your business: unpredictable sales, financial instability, employees failing to meet your expectations? Whatever your business challenges may be, at the root of each issue is a lack of systems. The Six Steps to Transform Frustrations Into Solutions guide walks you through how to identify a frustration, find the underlying gap in your systems and processes, and implement a solution.

#3 The EMyth Systems Guide

EMyth Systems Guide

No matter what industry you’re in, your business is a system of systems—an interconnected network of processes that, when running smoothly, allows you to step away from the day-to-day operations. The EMyth Systems Guide offers a simple nine-step approach to create and implement intentionally designed systems for every part of your business. 

#2 EMyth Business Assessment

Business assessment

Want to better understand how each area of your business is performing? Our business assessment leads you through a series of questions on the Seven Essential Systems of your business, gives you a strength rating for each, and prompts self-evaluations so that you can look at the assumptions you’re making about your company and get things back on track.

#1 A Business Owner’s Guide: Transform Your Business With Systems

Business owner's system roadmap

You know you need essential business systems, but do you know exactly what those systems and subsystems are, or how they should function within your organization? Our ebook A Business Owner’s Guide: Transform Your Business With Systems is the ultimate roadmap for any entrepreneur—it provides an outline of every system you’ll need and a clear vision of what a successful business truly looks like.

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