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Work-Life Balance

Live a life you love—now and in the future by planning the future of your business.

The rewarding risk of a career transition

The first of the year is a good time to step back and take stock of our lives. The New Year seems to give us permission to look at the big picture—our families, our relationships, our careers, dare I say—our dreams? We may ask ourselves questions like: “Am I doing what I truly love? Is my career feeding my life?” ...

Shey Yearsley - EMyth

Shey Yearsley

Whoooo are you? Who? Who?.... Who? Who?

Building a Coaching Relationship with Integrity I have been a fan of The Who for 38 years. I love their music and their powerful contribution to rock and roll, but above all, I love the strength of their message. To me, the music of The Who is about integrity and being true to yourself.

Adam Traub - EMyth

Adam Traub

The freedom to choose

Becoming free of the business is often on the minds of new EMyth clients. Little wonder, as they're often working heroic hours and have little work-life balance. If freedom is as important to you as being a business owner, then our first recommendation is always to clearly define what freedom means and how it woul...

EMyth Team - EMyth

EMyth Team

"Coach" is no small word

With the launch of Evoke 2014, we're shifting gears today to honor business coaches - those in our network and others from around the world. As an EMyth follower, you understand the value of coaching and mentoring, but sometimes it can be hard to describe what these incredible people really do, who they 'are' in t...

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

Help is not a four letter word

What is it about asking for help, or about accepting it when it's offered, that is so hard? Especially for business leaders, where did we get the idea that admitting our weaknesses and accepting that we have blind spots is perceived as a fatal flaw - something we have to hide or deny in order to have business succ...

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond