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6 blogs to fuel your entrepreneurial mindset

For over 40 years, business owners everywhere have been using The EMyth Approach to create a business that works. So, what’s at the heart of it? What’s the essence of our approach that supports everything else? Simply put, it’s having an entrepreneurial mindset: seeing your business—rather than the commodity that your business is selling—as your true product. And it’s committing to going to work on your business each and every day to build a company that operates consistently, profitably and self-sufficiently.

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Shifting to an entrepreneurial perspective is key to creating a business that serves your life and gives you the results you want. Here are six articles to help you explore what it means to think like an Entrepreneur.

1. How to think like an Entrepreneur 


A hallmark of the Entrepreneur is the ability to ask questions rather than simply moving to resolve issues. Discover the three different modes of thinking that hone this skill. 

2. On letting go: an entrepreneurial perspective


EMyth Co-Owner and Board Chair Ilene Frahm shares how she was finally able to let go and create a business that could operate without her at the wheel.


3. The three business personalities: Entrepreneur, Manager, Technician

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To adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to understand how you’re thinking and living in your business today. Learn the characteristics of the three business personalities and what they look like in action.

4. To manage your business, manage yourself first

To-manage-your-business-manage-yourself-first_blog_hero_V2The Entrepreneur makes time each day for Strategic Work—time you may not feel like you have. But often, time issues are not just about how you manage your calendar, but about how you manage yourself. Here’s our strategy to develop strong self-management skills so you can focus on your most important work. 

5. The difference between Strategic and Tactical Work

the-difference-between-strategic-and-tactical-work_Blog_Hero2_08_06A true Entrepreneur works on their business rather than in it. But what does that really mean? It's starts by understanding the difference between doing Strategic versus Tactical Work.

6. Develop a strong Leadership System for your small business

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Having the mindset to lead is only part of building a business that works. You also need a clear vision to aim for—among these other critical parts of your Leadership System.

Learning to think about your business differently—to shift from a Technician’s perspective to the Manager and Entrepreneur perspectives—is the only way to truly build a business that doesn’t depend on you to make it run. If you’d like to talk about how to adopt a new mindset in relation to your business, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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