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The 5 blog posts business owners loved in 2018

How do you build a highly systematized, self-sustaining business that can give you the freedom to step away from it for days, weeks, or even months at a time? That’s what business owners like you most wanted to read about this year. In case you missed them, here are the 5 most popular blog posts of 2018.

#5: On letting go: An entrepreneurial perspective

#4: 7 tips every business owner needs to take a real vacation

Taking a work-free vacation starts with changing your mindset. These seven tips will help you make that shift.

#3: The 5 biggest misconceptions about business coaching

In our 40+ years coaching owners to be entrepreneurs, we’ve cleared up a lot of confusion about what coaching is—and what it isn’t. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about business coaching.

#2: Systems will set you free

If you want to confidently step away from your business—whether it’s for two weeks, two months, or two years—you need to build the systems that will allow it to produce the results you care about. EMyth’s owner, Ilene Frahm, tells how.

#1: You CAN build a self-sustaining business

What does it take—emotionally and practically—to create a thriving, customer-centric business that doesn’t depend on you?

Olivia Gerber

Written by Olivia Gerber

Olivia Gerber is EMyth's Content Lead. She works closely with the entire EMyth Team to create inspiring content and communications that reflect EMyth's value of engaging in an uncommonly genuine way.