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Our top 5 business finance blogs of all time

Small Business Finance

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When facing the challenge of understanding—and eventually mastering—your business finances, where do you even begin? That's the question we hear from business owners everywhere, and we try to help answer it with the articles we share on our blog. Our five most popular financial blogs will give you an idea of how to start planning for profit, no matter where you’re at today.

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#5 How to grow (and protect) your business by mastering your finances

create a budget and cash plan small business

Learn how to read your business’s basic financial trackers so you can understand the story behind your numbers, and proactively manage budgets and cash plans.

#4 How to survive a financial crisis

short-term emergency budget plan

These six simple steps will help you create a short-term budget plan so that when a crisis strikes, you can respond quickly and intentionally.

#3 Create a profit plan for your small business

build an operating budget for small business

Coach Paul Bauscher explains how to build the most fundamental finance tracker for budget planning.

#2 Three essential ways to get comfortable with finance

financial strategies small business

These three strategies will help you recognize your negative financial behaviors and how to overcome them.

#1 8 steps to effective negotiation

money negotiation tips techniques

One of the most essential skills for any business owner is negotiation. Here’s how to do it well.

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Kirstin Fulton

Written by Kirstin Fulton

Kirstin Fulton is the Content Manager at EMyth, where she partners with every department to develop content that inspires and educates business owners on their entrepreneurial journey. Her experience lies in writing and producing digital and print media for various industries, developing corporate events, and building immersive curriculum for both academic and business environments. She’s passionate about serving the EMyth community—our clients, Coaches, and colleagues—through writing that brings clarity, guidance and enthusiasm to the everyday.