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Hiring and keeping rockstar employees

You constantly struggle to find the right employees. The hires you’re not crazy about stay and the ones you want to keep always leave. You often wonder if you’re missing something or if this is just the way it is.

The truth is you are missing something. You’re not getting the right fit because you’re not paying attention to the process. Hiring frequently begins from a reactionary place—someone quits or perhaps there’s a spike in sales that creates a new job. Either way, you’re left with what you see as a gaping hole in your day-to-day. You react, make a hasty decision, and then you’re actually surprised when the hire doesn’t turn out how you hoped they would. The beat goes on.

Why would you continue to do something the same way over and over again and expect different results? There’s a word for that.

In developing a brand-based recruiting and hiring system, you’ll excel in identifying who your ideal candidate is, how to find them and what questions to ask. It’ll prevent you from making some really horrible hiring mistakes, and in turn, help you find people who will make your company vision a reality. You’ll no longer be selling the job to the candidate and basing your decision on whether or not you think they’re a nice person.

Of course, gut instincts are important, but what if you could back them up with actual data? After all, if you left it to just your gut, they’d be hired in five minutes and made partner the next day. Candidates have a clever way of telling you what you want to hear. But with actual data and your real needs in mind, you can identify and deliver focused questions that make it hard for them to fake it.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Write a result statement for the open position.
    • What are you trying to achieve with this role?
    • Why does the position exist?
    • What do you want to happen and why?
    • How does the company benefit by having this position?
  2. Create a work listing, including both strategic and tactical job duties along with position specific and company-wide standards.
    • What tasks do you want this person to do everyday?
    • Are you hiring a Technician or a Manager?
    • When you’re clear on the details of the job you’re hiring for, you’ll be in a better position to define your ideal candidate profile.
  3. Take time to write an attractive job posting.
    • Write about who you really are. What stage are you in as a company? What kind of person are you looking for?
    • Think in terms of values, not qualities like “detailed oriented” or “good communication skills.” What type of person will thrive in your place of business?
    • End your post with specific instructions on how to apply and only select those who follow them.
  4. Hold a hiring seminar.
    • Share with them your vision of the business, your brand and what makes you tick. What’s true for you and how can you make sure you’re being perceived that way from your prospects?
    • After your presentation, offer a few minutes with each of those still interested and ask them a question like,“What’s one thing you heard today that spoke to you and how do you feel you can contribute to us achieving our vision?”
  5. Quantify and measure the results.
    • Where were these prospects sourced from?
    • What questions were asked during the seminar?
    • How did we answer them?
  6. Document the system.
    • Get it on paper so you’ll have it at the ready when it comes time to hire again. You’re setting yourself up for future success with a documented system in place.

None of this matters of course unless you’re first clear about your brand. Figure out how you want to be perceived and what kind of felt experience you want not only your customers to have but your employees as well. Knowing this will make all the difference. I know I wouldn’t be writing this today if my business partner didn’t do the same. Magic happens when there’s that alignment—when what you hold true and dear in your heart matches with another’s.

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John Guanci

Written by John Guanci

John Guanci is a certified EMyth Coach who’s passionate about giving people the gift of doing something for themselves and their businesses that they were once absolutely convinced they couldn’t do. When he’s not coaching, you can find him wrestling with his two boys, planning a quiet and much-needed date night with his wife or sprawled out on his yoga mat. Learn more about John.