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Face your blind spots

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Last Wednesday, Jonathan talked about the Metaphysics of Change. Let’s dive a bit deeper into accountability and blind spots.

"Take a look around.
What is your business showing you?"

Your business is, in many ways, a reflection of you.

That means you get credit for all of the wonderful things in your business, but it also means it’s your job to take 100% responsibility for the not so wonderful things. In our view, accepting this core leadership concept of responsibility is the necessary first step for you to begin seeing your blind spots.

Ready to hold up the mirror? Take a look around. What is your business showing you?

Are your people fully engaged and taking ownership of their results? Do most days feel organized and productive? Are you profitable and growing at a steady rate? It’s only a slight simplification to say that everything in your business is a byproduct of your choices, habits, fears and strengths - especially those you aren’t aware of.

Your business is probably doing well in the areas that you enjoy and where you are sure of yourself. That’s important to note, but not as important as noting the areas that are not working. If you look there, you can start to make the connection to the things that you find hard. Avoiding what you find hard keeps you from building the business you want.

Ask yourself this question: What are the things I find hard to do, be or say as a leader or manager? Write them down. Keep asking the question. Spend the next week holding that question with you as you go about your day and start noticing what you’re avoiding. Is it having a difficult conversation with an employee? Maybe someone you’re afraid of losing but whose performance isn’t meeting your expectations? This could point to two blind spots - maybe you’re not great at developing people, or maybe you struggle more than you are aware of with being honest with an under-performing employee or even letting them go if they really aren’t cutting it?

What about delegating more of the detail work you’re still doing? Maybe you struggle with trusting others to care as much about the product as you. This points to a blind spot in understanding that your value to the company has changed if you’re a manager or CEO. To do the strategic work for your business to reach the vision you hold, delegation is key.

There is a powerful process I teach at our Leadership Intensive that guides people to discover the underlying feelings, beliefs, and sometime superstitions that surround them. From there, we can pull them apart and find the origins. The next EMyth Leadership Intensive I'm leading is just a few days away - we will be in San Francisco on November 1st and 2nd.

The magic of this process is that the journey itself creates room for a new result to emerge. There's an opportunity to move through things that are hard. Moving past this, you have more clarity. And you have the opportunity to come to a place where you approach your work effortlessly.

So, when you become aware of something you find hard, write it down immediately. This is the start of illuminating blind spots. By starting to do that, you are taking an important step - beginning to identify patterns, behaviors and beliefs in you that are getting in the way of you building the business you want. In so doing, you are closer to getting your business “inside" of you. You can’t address a blind spot, so long as it remains a blind spot. Once it’s identified, then you can make a choice.

EMyth Team

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