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The seven favorite blogs of 2021

How do you make the shift to working on your business instead of in it? How can you better negotiate, and meet your customers where they’re at? And what exactly is business coaching? These are some of the topics that small business owners like you wanted to read about most this year. So, in case you missed them (or want to read them again!), here are our seven top blogs of 2021.

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#7 What is business coaching?

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Simply put, business coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and a CEO, business owner or entrepreneur—but it’s also so much more. 

#6 8 steps to effective negotiation


Business owners are required to navigate so many different types of relationships. By developing the right set of skills, negotiation doesn’t have to feel transactional or uncomfortable—it can even become a satisfying collaborative experience. Here are the eight tips to keep in mind.

#5 Work ON it, not just IN it


Find out what it takes to go from working in your small business to working on it: It starts by recognizing the type of work you’re doing day to day. Only then can you begin to free yourself from daily operations, and shift to focusing on the Strategic Work needed to build a sustainable, customer-centric business.

#4 5 steps for documenting systems

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Without documentation, even your best systems are only rough ideas in your mind—in order to be effective, they need to be written down. Here’s how to record the key routines in your business so that they can serve as structured, step-by-step processes.

#3 The biggest misconception about marketing

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Don’t fall into the mistake of thinking marketing is synonymous with advertising. It’s much more than an external process—it’s a discipline composed of thinking, research and analysis that sits at the core of your business.

#2 How to price your product or services


One of the hardest tasks small business owners face is how to price the goods and services they sell. It’s more than just plugging in numbers. So, here are some important things to consider.

#1 The five core leadership skills


Leadership is an essential part of being a small business owner, and while not everyone may feel like a natural-born leader, it’s a skill that anyone can cultivate. These five concepts will show you why you can—and must—lead your people and your business with confidence.

With these topics in mind, we hope you can identify the work you can accomplish in 2022 with the right mindset and the determination to make positive and lasting changes in your small business. But if you’re unsure where to start, we’re here to help.

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Kirstin Fulton

Written by Kirstin Fulton

Kirstin Fulton is the Content Manager at EMyth, where she partners with every department to develop content that inspires and educates business owners on their entrepreneurial journey. Her experience lies in writing and producing digital and print media for various industries, developing corporate events, and building immersive curriculum for both academic and business environments. She’s passionate about serving the EMyth community—our clients, Coaches, and colleagues—through writing that brings clarity, guidance and enthusiasm to the everyday.