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How April turned a good idea and strong values into a thriving business


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A successful business provides a service or product that expertly fills a specific need in the marketplace. The trick for entrepreneurs is identifying the right product or service for the right space at the right time. April Glavine is one example of an entrepreneur who did just that.

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Alarmed at the increasing obesity rate in Canada, April felt a call to do something to improve the health of her community. After careful consideration, inspiration struck and she decided to target school vending machines. She recognized a need in the vending industry to provide nutritional snacks, and Lean Machine Healthy Vending was born. Focusing its attention on products that are Registered Dietitian Approved, and distributing them in a format that's both accessible and affordable, Lean Machine has grown from one location to a full-fledged and thriving business.

Of course, with business growth comes growing pains and all too often, burnout for the owner who’s giving too much of themselves to the business. In this interview with us, April talks about how reading The E-Myth Revisited helped her change her thinking and embrace a whole new way of doing business.

Learn more about Lean Machines and watch the video of April accepting the 2010 Gold Medal from the Halifax Business Awards here:

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