The EMyth Roadmap

Your map to a business that works.

Sometimes the hardest part about making a change in your business is knowing where to start. We make it simple with a straightforward, time-tested path to success. Each step in the process builds on the one that came before it so that by the time you finish the Program, you’ll have a fully systematized business that runs just the way you want it to.





Stage One

Getting Your House In Order

Every business needs a solid foundation to grow from. Develop the systems your business needs to build yours.

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Looking at things systemically changed our whole view on everything.

don_weaver_head_smallDon Weaver, SameDay Heating and Air

Stage Two

Growing Your Business

Once you have your house in order, you can scale. Build on the work you did in Stage One to add additional systems, enhance your existing ones, and begin to continuously improve the business to support stable and consistent growth.

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Our business has grown 250 percent in the last few years.

don_weaver_head_smallDon Weaver, SameDay Heating and Air

Stage Three

Freedom to Choose

When you have The Seven Essential Systems fully in place and working together as an integrated whole operated by engaged, inspired employees, you’ll have won for yourself the freedom to choose your place in your business—or away from it.

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Today, Otter’s a symphony.

Curt Richardson, OtterBoxCurt Richardson, OtterBox
EMyth The Seven Essential Systems: Leadership

Leadership in a mature business

With your business no longer dependent on you, you can decide exactly what you want to do with it, the role you'll play and the role it will play in your life.

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Want the freedom to choose your role in your business?

Download the Roadmap

My business is successful. My people are successful. That came as a result of EMyth.

Don Weaver, SameDay Heating & Air

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