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Managing Money

Learn to manage cash flow and produce consistent financial results.

Stop waiting for the perfect salesperson

This is Part One on how to build a sales system that works. Read Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four here. It’s not hard to agree with the idea that your business needs systems. But, when it comes to sales, small business owners often have a lot of difficulty really getting behind creating a comprehensive sales sy...

Ilene Frahm - EMyth

Ilene Frahm

Marketing: it's more about you than your customers

“We need more sales.” At some point during the life of your business you've probably uttered these words. For most business owners these words have become a part of their regular vocabulary. Without sales, there's no business. The employees need to get paid, the lights need to stay on and most companies are lookin...

Matt Wilhelmsen - EMyth

Matt Wilhelmsen

The secret to spotting trends in your business

Trendspotting is a term most commonly used in fashion circles. Top designers will spend thousands of dollars to send their curators all over the world to… spot trends. We’ve notoriously been told that the fashion industry is capable of predicting what colors we will want to wear before we even know we want to wear...

Martin Kamenski - EMyth

Martin Kamenski

Four must-have traits in a CFO

Numbers—drilling down into a complex spreadsheet of financial data—can be unsettling. Even to those who are accustomed to reviewing their own financials and metrics on a regular basis, it’s entirely possible to feel degrees of panic when faced with looking at the numbers. Why? Because there’s no hiding from the tr...

Martin Kamenski - EMyth

Martin Kamenski

Understanding the numbers behind your budget

When most business owners hear the word “budgeting,” they cringe. Many times, the “budget” ends up collecting dust on some back room shelf, never to be seen again—until your accountant asks to see it. But your budget is more important than you think. It’s critical in helping you and your management team get the pr...

Rich Heidecker - EMyth

Rich Heidecker

How to stop wasting time in your sales calls

You know what a bad sales call feels like. The aimless small talk, the thinly disguised attempt at ‘relating’ to you, and the ever-present background anxiety of the sales person desperate to meet their monthly quota. All you wanted was a real conversation with a real person to help you make an informed decision. N...

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

How to make your small business blog really shine

Is your blog getting you down? Do you wonder whether it’s worth all the effort, whether people are really getting something from it, whether you’re “doing it right”? Maybe you think you’re not a writer, or you simply feel like you don’t have the time to write with all the other demands of your small business.

Jonathan Raymond - EMyth

Jonathan Raymond

Manage yourself first

Your business plan is based on increasing revenue. You're looking forward to more revenue creating more profit. And with the increase in cash flow you'll finally be able to hire more people so that your struggles will ease and you will finally be able to get free of the technical work.

Josef Shapiro - EMyth

Josef Shapiro