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The metaphysics of change


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Here’s our picture for how business transformation happens:

Trust that you have more power than you know to affect things. You’ve created both the positive and negative results in your business. Get clear about where you want to go, don’t ignore the voices that want you to turn back, but don’t be stopped by them either.

"Curiosity is hunger in action.
Courage is the willingness to evolve."

Be willing to admit that there’s something - maybe a lot of things - about your business that aren’t working. No honesty about your heartache, no real change. We did it, so can you.

Accept that to solve the problems in your business today, you have to own how your blind spots from yesterday are part of the cause. When you hide your imperfections, you undermine your greatest strengths.

Open up to the truth that because they are blind spots, by definition you don’t know what they are. Motivate yourself in the knowledge that your patterns are obvious to your employees - and that you changing your relationship to the business is the non-negotiable requirement if you want them to change theirs. Remember, leaders go first.

Get your business inside of you by daring to name all the elephants and wrestle all the bears, so you can put your name on a business that represents your unique passion and separates you from the crowded market.

Curiosity is hunger in action. Courage is the willingness to evolve.

Jonathan Raymond

Written by Jonathan Raymond

Jonathan was a frequent contributor to the EMyth blog from 2011-2015. His articles focus on marketing, branding, and organizational culture.