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The freedom to choose

Becoming free of the business is often on the minds of new EMyth clients. Little wonder, as they're often working heroic hours and have little work-life balance. If freedom is as important to you as being a business owner, then our first recommendation is always to clearly define what freedom means and how it would look and feel to you, both within your business and beyond it.

As a business coach, I want you to realize this freedom to choose. For some, the choice is the freedom to continue pursuing technical mastery and having someone else lead their business. For others it’s freeing themselves from all the tactical roles to be a true CEO and leading their company to its ultimate fruition. For someone else, it’s developing their business to a place where they can leave the hierarchy on the organization chart, inhabit the owner’s position, and become the chairman of the board while someone else leads the company. Finally, for others, the goal is to sell the business and use the proceeds to experience life on their own terms.

If freedom is important to you, then define what it means, and create a strategy and plan towards its fulfillment. Then, step-by-step, execute that plan with one eye on the goal and one eye on the day-to-day operational reality. Freedom to choose is a powerful freedom. In truth, we always have choice, but developing your business to its fullest extent magnifies the possibilities.

EMyth Team

Written by EMyth Team

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