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The customer bill of wants

Good products are sold, great products are purchased.

Here's how it would sound if you could listen to the emotional conversation that a buyer of a great product has with themselves …

  1. I'm buying this product.
  2. This product feels good.
  3. Whoever made this cares about me.
  4. Better yet, I can feel how they aren't fundamentally in this for the money.
  5. I love buying things from people like that.
  6. And the people who work here are great too, this must be a great place to work.
  7. I like supporting businesses that care about their people.
  8. Wow, they thought about every detail!
  9. Here’s my credit card.
  10. Do they sell anything else I might want?

A business like this is impossible to fake.

P.S. It's what we call "Your Business, Reimagined."

Jonathan Raymond

Written by Jonathan Raymond

Jonathan was a frequent contributor to the EMyth blog from 2011-2015. His articles focus on marketing, branding, and organizational culture.