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Perspective on marketing

Finding Customers

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Successful businesses have one thing in common—single-minded dedication to their customers needs. That means knowing who their customers are, where they are, what their needs and perceptions are, how to communicate with them, and how to attract them. That, in essence, is the foundation of marketing.

Information, insight and strategy

There is a clear logic to successful marketing. It begins with information about your markets and your customers. But information isn't enough. What you're really after is understanding and insight - understanding about the way your customers and prospective customers think, act, and make decisions, as well as insight into what really motivates them and how best to communicate with them. Only then are you equipped to create an effective marketing strategy, and it is that marketing strategy that enables you to develop successful lead generation, lead conversion, and client fulfillment processes. So before you ask the question of how much direct mail, or when to start a referral campaign, or anyother action orientated item, you must first look to the demographics, psychographics, and the perceptions your customers have of your products or services. This is your marketing baseline.

Strategy is planning and setting direction - it's the analytical side of business development. Lead generation, lead conversion, and client fulfillment are implementation - the action side. Strategy comes first. And that's what EMyth Marketing is all about.

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