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Go from overwhelm to overjoyed

Why you're frustrated and what to do about it

Employee turnover. Customer complaints. Unplanned expenses. Competition everywhere you look. Pain in the neck vendors. An endless string of new technologies you’re supposed to learn how to use. Social #%?@! media. It’s enough to make you want to go get a job.

This isn’t what you signed up for. The whole point of this was to get in control of your life, to do something that you’re passionate about. It wasn’t about the money, but about being able to do what you love. What the heck happened?

You figured if you just kept plugging away, working hard, you’d get there. And you just had no idea how complicated it all was going to get.

You Need a Roadmap for Growth

What if, instead of one pile of chaos, you had two kinds of clarity? If you had a guide to help you see what your business could look like, and a roadmap that laid out the exact steps to take to get there from where you are today. And you didn’t have to do it alone.

Imagine calling your staff together to share your new three-year vision. Not an empty speech, but a fully baked vision for what the business is going to look like, feel like and perform like three years from today. “This is what we’ve been waiting for for years,” they say. And they mean it.


People Want to Feel Part of Something

Then the next month you share your new brand commitment and they say, “That’s the kind of business I’ve always known we can be—I want to be a part of that!” And you show them where they are on an org chart that’s based on results and not politics, so everybody knows who’s accountable for what, and each person on the team has a job description that’s about results and not tasks.

Your business starts to come alive again, like it was in the beginning. But it’s not just alive in you. Your team shows up in the morning with a new attitude. They start asking questions. They start living the brand, and innovating to solve problems that have been there forever. You're creating a real sales process, getting clear about who your customers are, and nailing down the critical metrics for your business.


Because “On Board” Isn't Good Enough

Now you’re cooking. You create a brand-based hiring system because you can’t afford to waste time on someone who’s not going to fit in. You have systems to bring people on board so they succeed from the first day. People are doing things that make their lives easier and the business better at the same time.

And they’re not doing it because you told them to, but because they can feel how their job is serving their life. Because it is. They’re not “on board.” That’s management speak. They’re on fire.


A Business You Can Be Proud Of

You want to create a remarkable business, one that you and your team can be proud of. Where your team never stops innovating, and you keep finding new ways to get more and more out of the way. You’re all focused on the same goal—to create a business that is the product. Because every day you learn a little more about how it doesn’t matter what you sell but how you sell it.

That’s what “working on it” is all about. It means leaving no stone unturned. Becoming a real leader. Not by pretending to be perfect or fearless, but by being who you are and working on it. And you have room for everyone else to be human, too, so what you’re building extends far beyond you. Which, in the end, is the only thing you ever wanted.

EMyth Team

Written by EMyth Team

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