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Facing our feelings about cash

Managing Money

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Go ahead, take out a $20 bill and put it in your hand. Notice the emotions you feel. Now, pull out a $100 bill and do the same thing. Cash definitely has feelings associated with it and you should discover what your feelings are and what cash means to you.

Experiment: Get to the bottom of your emotions about money. Do you like having wads of cash in your wallet, or do you prefer using checks or credit? Why is this? Be curious. You will soon discover how your feelings about the money you put into your billfold has a lot to do with how you feel when you’re pouring over a financial statement, or when you’re procrastinating over creating a cash plan.

Once you examine your feelings about money and discover the value and emotional charge you place upon it, you will begin to free yourself to face the truth of your numbers in a more grounded fashion. Observe yourself as you pursue creating financial systems in your business. The more you understand and accept the emotions that money elicits, the better equipped you  are to plan for the future and discover how to best manage this symbol for value.   

Remember the feeling of holding a nice, crisp, green hundred-dollar bill in your hand? Well, the same feeling is typically found when exploring how to best utilize the cash in your business. It’s not your lack of understanding or math skills that create the resistance to careful planning, it’s the feelings you associate with money. Get them in check through courageous investigation, and then learn to unleash the full potential in your business by maximizing your cash.  

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