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We all get stressed out looking for that next great message, the one that will have customers lining up at the door. The key to finding it is looking for it in the right place. It’s not a marketing thing, at least not yet. There’s a primary step before that, and it starts with you.

First, ask yourself the question, “What messages am I sending out today?” If someone asked your employees why the company exists, would you like their answer? How would you answer? Do your employees feel good about the product or service your company offers? When was the last time you talked with them about their individual value and how they fit into your long-term vision? I don’t mean to be critical; it’s tough to find the time to focus on this softer side while your inbox piles up – believe me, we know.

And as hard as it is, until you change the conversation – write a new story at your company – you are communicating with your customers, and they are not getting your intended message.  

People want to feel good about doing business with you, but how can they if you don’t? If you don’t truly believe the promise you’re making to your customers – deep in your bones – then you haven’t found your message yet. Invest in that moment, it’s worth it. When you find it your customers will tell you. And, for most small businesses, they’ll do all the advertising and messaging you’ll ever need.

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