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Building the foundation

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EMyth’s business development process has long been recognized for the systemized way we help our clients and for our insistence on the importance of systems. Our core principles of life, leadership, ownership, systemization and excellence, give systemization a key position in our philosophical pantheon.

But systems without leadership and ownership don’t have the power to create the kind of business you want and need. Systems without that deep sense of meaning and purpose may support your operations, but they won’t affect your customers and turn them into raving advocates.

Systems provide the baseline experience, so your customers, clients, or patients receive a quality product or service every time. Just like the hotel in The E-Myth Revisited, systems can guarantee that a room is clean and ready for you just the way you like it. But beneath this, if you remember, it was the passionate idea and deep purpose that the owner passed on to the young manager that truly made the Venitia Hotel experience legendary.

You need systems to connect your passion and purpose to satisfying customers. Your employees need systems to liberate them from the routine and allow them the freedom to innovate and exemplify the underlying idea upon which the business rests.

Knowing who you are as an owner and what you really want to achieve through your business is the key to creating this kind of deep foundation, upon which systems stand and build your extraordinary company.

EMyth Team

Written by EMyth Team

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