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A most important decision

Managing Employees

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Recruiting and hiring are pivotal moments when your business is truly relational. You have the opportunity to communicate your vision to the potential candidates that help you build this vision into a reality. The more clear you are on your vision and the results you want from the position, the easier it is to recognize the right candidates and make the perfect hire.

Your recruiting message must attract the ideal candidate – some of your best information can come from your current employees. What brought them to your company? Why have they stayed?  The more data you can collect from your employees, the better your ability to find the right person and the more likely you are to find exactly who you want for each position.

The single greatest factor in achieving your desired results is hiring great people, and most importantly, the ones who are the best fit for your company. Company culture and values compatibility should be assessed as strongly as one’s skillset. Too often, businesses only focus on skill-level and never consider the full scope of all that a candidate brings to the workplace. Unengaged employees create a disconnected and disjointed work environment, resulting in low productivity; while employees who are inspired by your vision, culture and mission are highly engaged and extremely productive.  

Research shows that most hiring decisions are made in the first seven seconds. Your challenge is to balance the impact of your emotions regarding the hiring decision with more objective, rational perspectives.

Think through ‘who’ you want to hire before interviewing, and ask questions that elicit the evidence that tells you whether they fit the profile or not. And remember, your most important interviewing technique is your ability to listen. You should be doing no more than twenty percent of the talking during an interview.

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