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We believe every business owner deserves to have what they dreamed their company would create: a business that operates predictably and serves your life rather than consumes it. That's why we created the EMyth Business Coaching Program. It brings together powerful tools, a clear Roadmap and an easy way for Clients and Coaches to work together—so you have everything you need to get the results you want from your business.

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Your journey is our journey.

Just like you, we’re working on our business—always “EMything EMyth” to create new and better ways to help you build a business you love leading and a life you love living. That’s made our business coaching program the most comprehensive of its kind. It’s the product of helping millions of business owners like you design a picture of the business you want and supporting you through each step on the path to realize it.

"If you do it this way, everything will change."

Michael E. Gerber, Our Founder

A complete system for transforming your business.

The EMyth Business Coaching Program offers business owners more than just coaching—it’s everything you need to build a business that works. We tie together an approach, a process and a program to help you transform how you think about business, so you can change how you do business and produce the results you’re looking for.

A complete toolbox

Build the foundation your business needs to simplify and scale. Our complete Program supports your business at each stage of growth—from $100K to $1B—with over 115 guides and worksheets.

A proven Roadmap

Learn from over 40 years of building businesses that serve their owners’ visions. Our time-tested Approach has helped millions of owners discover the path to get there.


Enjoy a smooth and private experience working on your business. Inside the EMyth Program, you’ll find all your materials in one place, so you can easily collaborate with your Coach.

Business Baseline

Start with a complete picture of your business as it is today, so you and your Coach are crystal clear about your goals and can chart the best path to the results you want.

Continuous progress tracking

Simplify your company and track your achievements. In the Program, we give you the tools to continuously measure and track your progress as you work on your business.

An experienced mentor

Benefit from the 1:1 coach-matching program. Every EMyth Coach receives intensive training and brings that expertise to implementing Our Approach.

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In your 60-Minute Free Coaching Session, you’ll see what’s really causing the frustrations in your business—not just the symptoms, but the source. An EMyth Coaching Advisor will give you an honest view of what’s standing in your way on the path from where you are to where you want to be. It’s the first step on the journey to change your business and its impact on your life.

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We’re committed to your success.

Hear the stories of four business owners who’ve transformed their businesses with EMyth. They inspire us every day to continuously improve. We hope they’ll inspire you too.

"My education really came through EMyth. I feel like I got an MBA in my business, while working on it."

Curt Richardson, Otterbox

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Learn how to turn your biggest business challenges into your most valuable assets. Fill out this form to see if you qualify for a free 60-minute coaching session.