Vicky Gavrias
EMyth-Certified Business Coach

Vicky Gavrias

Athens, Greece

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Vicky Gavrias

About Me

My passion lies in helping business owners and managers realize their business and career dreams. As a native of Cyprus, I’ve lived, studied and worked in Europe, North America and South America. Prior to joining EMyth, I worked as a manager in both start-up and corporate organizations, where I led teams of 10–150 employees. My leadership, creativity and insight inspire innovation, while my caring and challenging style encourages ownership and responsibility. As a coach, I help business owners and managers grow into the leaders they aspire to be and transform their businesses and careers.

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In over 40 years of coaching business owners, we’ve developed a process to solve every business challenge you’re facing. From people to finance and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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